THE COLLISION LAB @ Cornell Tech   I   Design by WRNS Studio   I   Photos by Bilyana Dimitrova

ERIN RUBY DESIGN was engaged by WRNS Studio as furniture design consultant for Two Sigma's Collision Lab @ Cornell Tech.  Part incubator, part engineering lab, the space is used as a marketing tool to attract top talent in the tech industry while provoking students to interact with on-site industry professionals. 

Our WREN office system for STUDIO-TAG was utilized throughout - providing warm and functional workspaces and meeting rooms. Height adjustable desks with magnetic linoleum tops and magnetic privacy screens help define Incubator groups. Storage Trolley carts with magnetic trays provide secure and mobile personal storage. Conference tables, AV credenzas, floating overhead shelving and magnetic linoleum wall panels round out the enclosed collaboration rooms. Innovative Cork Cloth is used in both wrapped panel and direct glue applications to add texture and improve acoustic performance in quiet areas. Brushed Canvas, a heavy-duty upholstery adorns banquette cushions and WREN bench seating. Both textiles were part of the Erin Ruby Collection for HBF Textiles.

ERIN RUBY DESIGN_CollisionLab_001.jpg
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